Blackonomics…The State of Black Euphoria

James Clingman

(NNPA)—How amazing it is that Black people in this nation, collectively, are the worst off but yet the most comical, entertaining, ostentatious, and self-defeating of all other groups.  It is striking how, in spite of all the negative aspects of our lives, we spend a great deal of our time living vicariously through the lives of super-stars and mega-heroes.  They say “Ignorance is bliss,” so maybe we should use that phrase to our advantage by reporting the other side of the bad stuff we face.
For example, according to police, Chicago’s murder rate is down 20 percent from last year.  According to the Urban League Report, Black people are “optimistic” about the economy.  At least the cops in L.A. didn’t kill the woman on the expressway.  The FCC and some Black Caucus members’ attempt to kill “net neutrality” will not take away our Twitter accounts.
The Black unemployment rate is no longer half of the national rate, having fallen from 12 percent to 11 percent. Poverty statistics indicate that 60 percent of Black people are not poor, and 60 percent of the 2.1 million men in prison are not Black.  Even though we are at the bottom politically and economically, a Black family is still in the White House.  Feelin’ better?


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