To Tell The Truth…All police are bad is definitely not true


There have always been those who use stereotypical statements when referring to certain nationalities. For example Polish were portrayed as not being too bright, Italians were referred to as gangsters, and colored folks had rhythm but were lazy. One of the current erroneous statements is that all police are bad. Predominantly Black communities have an unbelievable percentage of criminal acts; just think what the numbers would be without the police? I can truthfully and honestly make the statement that some of my best friends are and have been police officers.
These are some positions that I held over the years, narcotic detective, investigator for Pittsburgh’s OMI and investigator for Allegheny County Public Defenders Office. Another page in my life’s story is that I have been arrested five times [never found guilty]. It is difficult for the average person to understand that police officers are all powerful; they have the power to arrest, to incarcerate and even to kill, overwhelmingly with impunity. A number of police I have personally observed, from their time in the police academy, through graduation, to their time on the street, and frequently too many were out of control. The awesome power that goes with the badge and gun makes it difficult for some individuals to stay focused.


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