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• Someone famous once said, and I quote, “I don’t know much, but I know what I know!”  Actually, it wasn’t someone famous, it was my dad, but here’s my point, I don’t know much either, but I know this, great pitching beats great hitting everyday of the week.  If you can’t hit the ball, you can’t beat me.  If the Pirates invest in, or trade for another quality ace and a sure-nuff closer, the sky’s the limit.
• Serious question.  Is there a heavyweight boxing division, and if so, where is it and who’s in it?
• Just so you know, “The World Cup” aka The Big Soccer Game, is officially over and Germany won.  Is it me or is there something creepy about saying Germany won?
• Still looking for smart, aggressive, hard working and creative advertising . . . marketing . . . sales and promotional people wanting to “achieve greatness”!  Get on board before we take off.  Call (412) 628-4856 for more information.
• There is one big difference between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.  M.J. built his kingdom in one place.  King James has taken his throne on the road!
• By now you know Brewstone Restaurant got padlocked for not paying their liquor tax to the tune of $65,000 and as a result ruining our First Friday White Party on the 4th of July.  Well, put that behind you boys and girls because the Par-Tay will go on.  “The All White Summer Breeze Party, Part II” is reset and will be coming at you bigger and better than ever, Friday, August 1, 2014 at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts at 5th and Shady in Shadyside.  (You know the big yellow building where we jammed last summer . . . Summer Breeze!)  Starring “The Sandy Green-Camp Experience” with the Tubby Daniels Band, featuring John Sarkis – D.J. Legend “Sly Jock” – catered soul food by Gibson’s Restaurant – car show by The United Rays Corvette Club – free parking – cash bar – 50/50 – The Allure Models – prizes and surprises – prize for the best dressed white outfit.  Proceeds to benefit The Armon Gilliam Memorial “Hard Work” Youth Basketball Camp.  Call Achieving Greatness, Inc. at (412) 628-4856 for more information.
• Registration is still being accepted for the Armon Gilliam Memorial “Hard Work” Basketball Camp, Saturday and Sunday, August 2nd and 3rd, 9-4:00 each day at the Penn Hills YMCA, for boys and girls ages 8-15. $25 registration includes camp supervision, pro-basketball training, lunch, t-shirt, and certificate for completing the camp.  Special guest will be former NBA star Myron Brown.  For information call (412) 628-4856.
• Word has it that Paul Spadafora won his fight on the recent Roy Jones promoted card.  Word also has it that it’s still true . . . “Time waits for no man!”
• Steeler camp starts in one (1) week.  Yes, sir!!!
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