MSQ Concert Review: Drizzy dominates show despite app outcome

Drake (Photo by Mel Brandon, Jr. )

Lil’ Wayne won the coin toss and opened the show for the Drake VS Lil’ Wayne tour Sunday night. But it was the Canadian rapper who dominated the First Niagara Pavilion.  Dressed in all black and gold, Drake was ready for the Steel City attendees and even shouted out the beautiful Ms. Peachie, Wiz Khalifa’s mother.
Drizzy is beyond amazing!  He can do it all. In the 90s, he proved his acting skills as Wheelchair Jimmy in the popular teen TV show, “Degrassi.”  Now, on tour with some of the rap game’s toughest competition, he had the guts to softly serenade the women right after strongly spitting 16 bars.
Please don’t forget about Yo Gotti- the appetizer of the tour. The Memphis rapper, who is releasing an album in November, was on stage briefly.  His opening set, which featured his newest single “Errrbody”, was almost not necessary compared to label mates, Drake and Lil’ Wayne.
I loved Yo Gotti’s energy and flavor, but I wonder if they just added him to the tour for fun. He didn’t fit in.
Lil Wayne (Photo by Mel Brandon, Jr.)

Lil Wayne had the pizazz and spontaneity of a toddler. The cigarettes he smoked on stage had to be laced with more than nicotine. In between his lively performances, he took hilarious jabs at Drake’s pole scene, new music feel, and weight.
Although Tunechi called Drake’s chubby bluff, Drizzy confidently removed his shirt when he partook in the Ice Bucket Challenge on stage.
The audience was constantly encouraged to download the self-entitled interactive mobile application, which is available on both Android and Apple phones.  The app allows concert goers to choose a side, personalize photos with stickers, and instantly show love to either performer with the live boost meters.
The back and forth between the two superstars was healthy competition as they roasted each another one second and played each other’s hype man the very next moment.
“There’s a difference between greatness and the best,” said the Cash Money rapper.
Drake promptly responded, “I’m the best!”
The show wound down with a head-to-head battle and this is where the app really got involved. Users could “power up” to show love for their favorite entertainer.
In the end, Pittsburgh chose Lil’ Wayne, making the overall tour score Lil’ Wayne- 5, Drake- 4.  I’ll have to respectfully disagree with the ‘Burgh’s decision though. I did not need the mobile application to know Drake brought a different level of entertainment.
Without comparison, both Drake and Lil’ Wayne were phenomenal. From the incredible lighting to the great crowd, the rappers had the entire show rocking.
Concert Report Card: B+
Merecedes J. Howze, Movie Scene Queen (Brian Cook/Golden Sky Media)

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