Twitter blasts CNN anchor for saying police should use water hoses on Ferguson Protesters

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News behemoth CNN has been tripping and stumbling over itself with its less-than-stellar news coverage of the protest rallies and violent confrontations in suburban St. Louis in the cultural wreckage of Michael Brown’s shooting death.
One field journalist reportedly identified the house and address to where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson — the man who shot Brown at least six times — lived.
It worsened today when bumbling CNN anchor Rosemary Church made the dubious suggestion that authorities unleash fire hoses to disperse the swelling ranks of protestors in Ferguson.
Church, who works the international news desk for CNN, suggested that police in Ferguson use, in her words, “water cannons” or water hoses to repel the mounting masses.
“Why the use of tear gas, stun grenades?” she asked. “Why not perhaps use water cannons?”
Her Black co-anchor, Erroll Barnett, immediately flashed her a repulsed look after the words floated into the atmosphere and hung there like the smell from a Port-a-Potty.
Almost as soon as she said it, Twitter exploded with volcanic rage.
Church, a descendant of Ireland and Australia, obviously doesn’t know the cultural impact that uttering the words “water hose” has on the collective black psyche. But she gets no sympathy. She is a reporter, not a columnists, nor a political pundit. Church should have stayed in her lane and did only what she is paid to do — that is to report the news and then push forward to the next subject.
Take a look at the verbal lashes lowered onto Church’s blonde nest atop her head for having the audacity to open the aperture in her face and opine without having the proper perspective.
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