Black Americans’ threat from Whites wearing badges


(NNPA)—The disjointed, gap-laden manner in which Ferguson, Mo. Police Chief Thomas Jackson revealed the name of the police officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death—all the while alleging that Brown had robbed a convenience store a short time before their encounter—should convince any thinking person that that community’s White power structure is engaged in a cover-up.
Jackson’s behavior only increased the already-voluminous questions about the actions of the officer, Darren Wilson, in his confrontation with Brown on Aug. 9, and about the rough-house, violent conduct of the police under Jackson’s command during the following week.
Indeed, one could start by asking why Jackson would release those two pieces of highly sensitive information, which, of course, he had in his possession all week, without first consulting with Gov. Jay Nixon and Capt. Ron Johnson, the state Highway Patrol leader whom Nixon had brought in to end the violence–from freelance looters and police. Why not do that and then, release the information at a news conference with Gov. Nixon and Capt. Johnson at his side?
Here’s one answer: Because Jackson and city officials are still “crafting” the “right” story of what happened that ended with Wilson shooting Michael Brown “multiple times.” So, he’s branded Michael Brown a criminal— ‘red meat’ to those who’ll grasp at anything to exonerate Wilson and the police of wrongdoing.


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