Ebola virus patient released from Atlanta Hospital

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If people were on edge about the Ebola virus when two infected relief workers were flown from West Africa to Georgia and put in an Atlanta hospital, they might be scared now.
One of the relief workers who contracted the deadly disease is being released from Atlanta’s Emory University hospital on Thursday.
Dr. Kent Brantly is the Fort Worth, Texas doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while serving as a missionary in West Africa. He is scheduled to make a brief statement to reporters Thursday morning before leaving to spend time with his family at an undisclosed location, the hospital said.
When Brantly arrived in the United States, his condition was described as “grave.” Near death, Brantly was given an experimental medicine that had never before been tested on humans. He then showed a remarkable and almost sudden improvement, doctors said.
But enough to let the man go without announcing his full recovery of the Ebola disease?
This is sure to cause commotion among the populace who will doubtlessly be concerned about where Brantly is going to stay and whether that location is isolated from the rest of the American public.
Brantly shocked medical practitioners by walking upright without a stretcher or wheelchair from the ambulance into the hospital where he has since remained in isolation, able to see his wife through a glass wall.
Earlier this month, Brantly released a statement, saying he was recovering “in every way” and hoped to leave the hospital soon.
“There are still a few hurdles to clear before I can be discharged, but I hold on to the hope of a sweet reunion with my wife, children and family in the near future,” he said.

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