Female Little League World Series star Mo’ne Davis proud to pave the way


WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Bleacher Report)—On the eve of Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons’ opening game at the 2014 Little League World Series, 13-year-old Mo’ne Davis sat in a quiet wooden dugout on one of the back fields following her team’s latest practice.
It’s amazing Taney is even here to begin with, in its first World Series in only its second year of existence since chartering in 2012.
We talk about the constant onslaught from the media. “For people that want to take pictures and stuff,” Davis, a South Philly native, explains, “I always say ‘no’ most of the time ’cause I get tired of it…’cause I’m probably just tired at the end of the day.”
At the end of this day, she’s just finished long-tossing and taking ground balls for nearly two hours. Cameras are getting packed up into vans. Elbows have stopped leaning on the yellow padding lining the fences.
Most kids her age might struggle with the exposure, but Davis finds a silver lining.
“I was on Sports Science earlier,” she snaps back. “It was pretty cool.”
I ask if they came to Williamsport to talk with her. “I didn’t know I was going to be on. I was playing Ping-Pong and Zion [Spearman, her teammate, sitting in the dugout with us] spotted it. It said: ‘Sports Science with Mo’Ne Davis’…even though they spelled my name wrong” (the ‘N’ is not capitalized).

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