Just Sayin’…We need to look at Michael Brown shooting from all sides and angles


All the controversy over the Michael Brown shooting has brought several things to light, while others will not be clear until the investigation is complete.
First of all I don’t think the police officer is automatically guilty because he’s White and the victim was Black and 18. I think we should wait until the investigation is complete before fixing guilt.
If the man in the video was Michael Brown, then he’s a long way from being a model citizen, or a Travon Martin. The way he slammed that store employee against the wall then stood over him daring him to do anything about him taking the cigars was not very complimentary.  Even though he was only 18, he wasn’t a small person by any stretch of the imagination.
I’m very glad to hear that President Obama has gotten the FBI involved to make sure the investigation is fair, to both sides, and when the results are brought to light everyone knows it was fair and will be willing to accept the results.
It also brought to light the racial tension that still exists in this country, especially between the police and the Black community, and the great need for more Black police officers in cities with substantial Black populations.


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