:10—Of course she gets top billing.  Anytime a “13 year old girl” is mowing down boys her age and older like a John Deere tractor, she gets all my attention. Mo’ne Davis is throwing heat and captivating the nation as she leads her Taney Youth Baseball Association to the promise land of the Little League World Series. Now that’s what I call a…“You Go Girl” if ever I’ve seen it!
:09—Speaking of the Little League World Series, and I was, for the first time in 30 years there’s going to be an all-Black team in the mix. The Jackie Robinson West Little League team out of Chicago is on board.  More news like that out of Chicago and less news about Blacks killing Blacks is the championship I want.
:08—No, seriously, what about O.J.?  What is wrong with you people?
:07—You know I know my movies…I can tell you that there are two movies where a bunch of folks get killed.  No. 1—“The Wild Bunch”, a cowboy flick starring William Holden, Ernest Borgnine and an all-star cast.  (Please rent it).  No. 2—You all know that “Scar Face”, aka Al Pacino, took a lot of non-believers with him to cocaine heaven. (I know you already own it).  Well here’s all you need to know about “The Expendables 3.” They kill more bad guys than the Wild Bunch, Scar Face and the next three contenders put together.  Fellas, take the lady if she’s got the stomach for it, but either way, go see Sly Stallone, Arnold, Wesley Snipes (who had the best one-liner in the movie) and a super star all-star cast. They – Blow – It – Up!!!  I give it four basketballs easy  and can’t wait for Expendables 4.

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