National Dog Day: Rappers and Their Pets

Believe it or not, dogs play a similar role among urbanites as they do with the general population.
Dogs provide great companionship, is entertaining and offer unfiltered, unconditional love to their owners. Many also use dogs as an accessory or status symbol to floss before the public.
Having said that, the kinds of dogs that urbanites, particularly rappers, tend to floss to the public often differs radically from their mainstream counterparts.
Many rappers have an affinity for the muscle dogs, particular pit bulls and rottweilers, which compliment their machismo and boost their image as a virile and fearless male ruling over the concrete jungles of the inner city.
Others, like esteemed rapper-actor Big Boi, takes his love a lot further than most. The one-half of the world-renowned rap group Outkast operates Pitfalls Kennels out of his South Atlanta home.
Take a look at famous rappers and their love of dogs on National Dog Day.
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