Just Sayin’…Brown explosion uncovers race in America


If the Michael Brown shooting does nothing else it has brought back to light that there is still a racial issue in this country that needs to be addressed. Race does matter.
Why did the shooting death of one Black man cause such an explosion from the Black community? And why is this a national issue and not just a local issue as some are trying to make it? If something is not done nationally will there be other Fergusons exploding?
I received a phone call from a person from southern Missouri who now lives in Pittsburgh. He gave me some history on Missouri that most of us have forgotten. Missouri was part of the Missouri Compromise dealing with the expansion of slavery during the mid 1800s. Even though most people see St. Louis as a progressive city, we forget that it is right there with Arkansas and Mississippi, right above Kentucky. So it’s a large city with a huge homicide list and is among the leaders in Black on Black crime in this country, with East St. Louis at one time being the leader. The police forces in this area are much like Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama. Are you catching my drift?


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