Man Chokes Wife, Beats Her Over Fried Chicken

A Florida husband was arrested for choking his wife following an argument over the lack of leftover fried chicken.
Desmond Brownlee, 45, was jailed and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and tampering with a witness at his Delton, Fla., home early Monday morning, according to the Volusia County police report.
According to authorities, Brownlee shoved his wife, struck her multiple times in the face, and then put his hands around her neck and applied pressure, the report said.
The wife escaped his grasp after she somehow struck Brownlee in the lip and then alerted authorities. Brownlee countered by taking the phone from her and said he would not allow her to call police, the wife said according to the report.
Upon arrival at Brownlee’s dwelling, the husband tried to quiet his wife by saying, “Shhh, what do you want, us both to go to jail?”
The domestic violence episode began over the missing fried chicken leftovers and also over the care of his wife’s mother.
The couple, who’ve been married for four years and have a child, but the baby was asleep in another room as the incident occurred.
Brownlee was transported to Volusia County Jail Monday but is no longer in custody.


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