Keyshia Cole Beat Down Victim Speaks Up

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Sabrina Mercadel

The woman on the wrong end of Keyshia Cole’s bust-in beat-down on early Friday morning has spoken out.
The victim, Sabrina Mercadel, was ambushed by Cole’s wrath — and fists — when the hotheaded singer showed up at her boyfriend Birdman’s Beverly Hills penthouse suite unannounced and found Mercadel coming out of the bathroom at approximately 5 a.m.
It’s not hard to figure out what happened next for an insecure woman with a hair-trigger temper.
Mercadel, according to, is not a jump off chick and was not messing around with the CEO of Cash Money/Young Money. In fact, Mercadel was there with four other people and Birdman when Cole co-cocked her and sent her to the hospital.
Cole, on the other hand, was booked into the Los Angeles County Jail and faces charges of battery. As if her weekend wasn’t bad enough, she has to tell the judge why she failed to appear on another arrest warrant for reckless driving.
Mercadel doesn’t understand what would make “Heaven Sent” singer think they were ever messing around as she mistakingly thought. Mercadel is actually a Cash Money employee and has been for more than a decade. She’s known Birdman since they were young in New OIrleans.
All she knows is that as she walked out of the restroom, Cole immediately went into attack mode, screaming “What are you doing with my man?!” before she commenced to beating her down.
Mercadel was transported to a local hospital and is said to currently be on medication for her injuries.


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