Michael Brown’s Parents Campaign in Atlanta for Police Body Cameras

The parents of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen who was shot to death in Ferguson, Mo., by a white police officer, request police departments mandate to their officers to wear body cameras.
Brown, who was set to begin college courses in a few days, was shot six times by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in suburban St. Louis, sparking weeks of contentious rallies and demonstrations and garnering national media coverage.
The family held a rally Sunday afternoon inside West Hunter Street Baptist Church. Brown’s family said Atlanta is the perfect place to start the campaign.
One reason is because a Georgia family says it is fighting a similar battle. Brown’s grieving parents met Kendrick Johnson’s on Sunday. Though their children’s cases are separated by geography and time, Kendrick’s mother, Jacqueline Johnson says, the struggle they’re facing is far too similar.
The 17-year-old was found dead inside a rolled-up wrestling mat in his South Georgia high school gymnasium last year.
“We understand the pain the frustration. We’re still fighting for Kendrick we’re not going to stop there’s nothing nobody can say, the media the public, cause they will drag you but just know our black kids do matter,” Johnson said.
The Johnson’s said the same attorney representing Brown’s family is now helping to represent them.
Attorney Benjamin Crump says his fight for Johnson has just begun.
“So these families, these parents of Kendrick Johnson can finally find out who murdered their child,” Crump said.
Crump said Atlanta is the perfect place to start that fight for Johnson and Brown because of the support their families have received here.
“We’re trying to make sure that this doesn’t happen to nobody else’s child so we’re pushing for the Michael Brown laws to have body cameras on all these police officers,” he said.
Atlanta’s police chief has said he wants his officers to wear body cameras. Brown’s family hopes they can influence that decision.

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