Overtime: Pitt got whipped . . . with a big ole switch

:07—That loud thunderous noise you just heard was me screaming at ya reminding you that Penn Hills rules again.  Penn Hills 63 Baldwin 35. That would make us 4 and 1 and you…­who­ever “you” are…­what­ever. That’s right.  I said us. Once an Indian, always an Indian…oops, I mean Native American!  (Small smile).
:06—Welcome home Jerome Lane. Your son plays for the Akron Zips and you were a beast before the word became common place. You could play all five positions and they’re still picking up glass off the floor at the old Fitzgerald Field House!  Hands up…who was there that night?
:05—You probably don’t know this, but Dwight Law, the owner of Law Funeral Home and my oldest and dearest friend, has a nephew playing for Ringgold High School.  Nico Law. And he’s the real deal.  He threw for two touchdowns against Albert Gallatin and ran a fumble back for a “99 yard” touchdown in a 56-7 thumpin.’ So somebody call Dwight and tell him I said nice things about his nephew and maybe he’ll take me to a game!  (Speaking of game, Dwight Law had game and plenty of it back in the day when he was benching 350 and more.  Dwight established a serious reputation along with the likes of Malcolm Lomax, Kenny Griffey, Larry Nelson and a host of Donora Dragon legends…now ya know!  How do I know?  I was there mmmaaannn.  I was a Dragon before I was  an Indian.  Now run tell that!

Derek Jeter
New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter grounds out during the fourth inning of an exhibition baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

:04—All hail to the king. King for a day anyway. And everybody out there wishes they could hit the game winning hit of their last game. Derek Jeter “You Did it Your Way!”
:03—Oh, just admit it. Without “Tiger” you don’t give a damn about the Ryder Cup. For that matter, you barely gave a damn when he was in it. Up until a few years ago, you thought a Ryder Cup was something you got at Starbucks.
:02—In case you’ve been under “That Rock,” Kevin Cameron’s Aliquippa High School Steam Roller is back at it. 55-14 over New Brighton, earning its fifth “Mercy Rule” win of the season. They’ve won 41 consecutive regular season games, 37 consecutive conference games and have not lost at home since 2008.  For goodness sakes Hollywood, never mind “Friday Night Light” you need to do a movie of the Quipps starting with Mike Ditka and Tony Dorsett.  C’mon man!
:01—If you’re left standing in the parking lot on Saturday, Oct. 18, it will be your own fault cause I’ve told you three times already. Here we go again…Saturday, Oct. 18, 8 p.m. until 2 a.m., at “The Lounge” on Verona Road, next to Bonus Tire, Champion Enterprises’ 40th Year Anniversary Celebration…and starring Sly Jock, the best wings in Pittsburgh, cash bar/cash kitchen, line dancing, 50/50, prizes and surprises and featuring Nadine Jackson Premier Jewelry cash & credit card, $10 donation for Toys for Tots.
If you don’t know by now, No Good Deed…the movie…is really good. Yeah, it has a somewhat predictable story line, but not really. It’s got enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, but the deeds you don’t know about, that’s the good stuff.  I give the No.1 movie in the land 3 basketballs.


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