New Horizon Theater thanks supporters with Summer Jamz

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“We’ve performed three of Joe Plummer’s plays before and we did one twice,” Moore said. “Part of the purpose of Summer Jamz is to raise funds for New Horizon Theater and to introduce the new season to our supporters. We like Joe Plummer’s work and this is the world premiere and we get to show it first.”
The production is funded in part by grants from Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation, Allegheny Regional Asset District, Chris Moore Communication, Inc., Pennsylvania Council on the Arts/Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.
Shadyside resident Rick Cokley will definitely go and see “Queens of the Blues.”
“I go to all of their plays. New Horizon’s plays are by Black folks about Black folks and I can relate to the messages in the plays. They are done in an intimate setting. I like the arts and I try to support Black programming and I try to be in a positive environment,” Cokley said.
Kathye Sears agreed with Cokley.
“New Horizon Theater has positive social gatherings that people should be involved in,” explained Sears who resides in Shadyside and has supported the theater for five years. “The events I’ve been at they reflect our culture. How could people not know that this theater exists? With events like Summer Jamz and the plays that New Horizon does, people get their knowledge base.”
In addition to “Queens of the Blues,” New Horizon Theater has several other shows on tap sure to satisfy the theater goer’s appetite:
The second play of the season, “The Meeting,” which tells the story of a meeting between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., will be shown Feb. 12-22, 2015. A space for the production has yet to be determined.
New Horizon’s annual event will be held on Saturday, May 4. The headlining performer for the event has yet not been secured yet.
The final play of the season is Samm-Art Willams’ “The Dance on Widow’s Row,” which will run from May 28 to June 7.”New Horizons always does a great job,” said Samantha Orr Muhammad a Penn Hills resident who has been supporting since 2006. “I hope they can keep their longevity. With places like the August Wilson Center and Kuntu Repertory Theatre having trouble, I hope they can keep this up.”
(To purchase tickets to “Queens of the Blues” or any of New Horizon Theater’s productions, visit  or call (412) 431-0773.)


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