Pittsburgh native Von Decarlo coaches both sports and relationships


(New York, N.Y.)—Beautiful television personality Von Decarlo, relationship expert and Comedian on Centric TV’s “According To Him And Her” and a veteran of FOX’s sexy reality TV show “Temptation Island” is the epitome of a multi-tasker. This New York lovely wears several hats (actress/singer/­come­dian/­writer/producer) and juggles her projects effortlessly.
But it’s as “Coach Von” that she sprints ahead of the pack. A “professional sports fan” originally from the sports-centric city of Pittsburgh, she developed a love for and knowledge of sports from childhood, particularly for basketball. She speaks “a man’s language” when it comes to sports, able to chop it up like one of the guys, from stats to trades to drafts and all in between. She conducts a popular Instagram sports-oriented series called “Coach Von’s Playbook.”
Von garnered valuable relationship experience throughout her 10 year relationship with the late comedian Patrice O’Neal, to whom she was engaged to be married, losing him one month prior to their wedding date.
From O’Neal, Von lived and learned the true give-and-take of a successful relationship; they were partners in every sense of the word, fully supporting one another’s dreams and endeavors. Having lived every woman’s dream of a dynamic, regarding relationship, today Von observes and guides ladies (and men) regarding their relationship foibles and quandaries, from her perspective.
This level of her “coaching” is from her personal experience.  She will add “author” to her many hats in 2015, when she releases her first book, entitled Speak Fluent Man: The Top Things Women Should Consider Before Blaming The Man.  And lest that title sound anti-woman, Von asserts that ladies should be mindful that equality and accountability goes both ways. There is the woman’s side, the man’s side and hopefully, there is their side, when they come together/work together and agree to build a mutually beneficial union between them.
For Coach Von, sports and relationships go hand in hand.  She often dispenses relationship tips in the form of sports plays.
She’s the best of two disparate worlds, and bridges that gap effortlessly.  She’s model-gorgeous, but drives a pickup truck; she’s a man’s dream girl.
Being fluent in sports and able to relate to men from an enlightened perspective, Von Decarlo definitely has The Right Stuff.
(Website:www.VonDecarlo.com; Twitter: https://twitter.com/vondecarlo; Instagram: http://instagram.com/vondecarlo)
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