Just Sayin’…Giving our kids an alternative to the streets


Congratulations go out to Rev. Glenn Grayson on the completion of the Jeron X. Community Center in the Hill District. Also congratulations to Cheryl Hall-Russell on her work to get a Charter School opened in the Hill House geared toward high school dropouts.
Hopefully these two accomplishments will take more kids off the streets, and into the classrooms thus into careers. The past few weeks have been deadly for Black males on the streets, so hopefully as more Charter Schools, Community Centers and After School Programs are created, more young men and women will realize that choosing the streets is suicide.
Also hats off to Judge Dwayne and wife Joy Woodruff in their efforts with “Do the Write Thing” campaign which is already working to keep young Black males off the streets and in the classrooms.
Herman Reid, the former head of NEED, has created BOLD, a program to reach youth early and provide them with hands on activities and experiences to gain skills and tools necessary to guide them on their path to success. Building Our Leaders Daily is the name of the Point Park University program. It features inspirational faces to the North Side through its “Today’s Mentors for Tomorrow’s Workforce” campaign, displaying posters with faces of mentors in an effort to show Black youth that people who look like them can be successful.

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