MACY’s is model of fairness


(NNPA)—I am always on the alert to make sure that Black Americans are treated fairly and justly. No, I do not go around searching all the time for what is wrong with society and with the world in which we live. The truth is whenever it is possible I would rather point out and lift up what is right and just. Yet when it comes to assessing the progress or lack of progress for Black America, we should avoid being socially and politically blind. We must see facts as facts and not become victims because of the lack of consciousness and awareness.
When it comes to finding out a set of facts, verses depending on the observations and reports of others, there is nothing more instructive that getting a firsthand experience and knowledge about a matter of serious concern. Over the past several years, there have been a series of incidents and situations where Black Americans and others have been targeted for unfair treatment as a result of “racial profiling.”
Racial profiling while driving, walking, shopping, traveling on transportation systems and in other places has had a debilitating impact on the intergenerational mindset of millions of Black Americans. This may surprise some but I do want to talk about what I experienced personally this fall while shopping at various MACY’S department stores in New York, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles and in Atlanta.

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