To Tell The Truth…Governor’s election is over, so what?


This column is being written on Monday, Nov. 3 the day before the election. I voted for the incumbent Gov. Corbett but did no active campaigning. I am stating openly who I voted for mainly because that is what I have done for over 50 years.
There are those who are so proud to proclaim they are a registered Democrat or Republican. In my lifetime I have been registered in both political parties, but I have always described myself as a Black American, before any political affiliation.
Is there a real difference between Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf? If there is do you know what’s the difference? Have you made a concerted effort to find out, if not why not? Do you vote for any Democrat? Do you support a candidate because your union tells you to? The polls regularly tell you who is in the lead, does that influence your vote? If you are seeking changes do you have any idea what changes you are seeking? In your mind do you truly believe that there is a political party that is driven to help the working class persons, union and non-union, Blacks, immigrants, and homosexuals? Does the party support the military, religious efforts, business and marijuana legislation?

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