Tyler Perry’s Tasha Smith’s restraining order to stay away from husband

If you are to believe the claims of Tasha Smith’s husband, the crazed character she played in the film franchise Why Did I Get Married?, which catapulted her to fame and fortune, is not an act. She really is crazy.
Smith husband has to be asking himself why did he get married after he was allegedly forced to get a court order against Smith to stay away from him because of her alleged alcohol-fueled rages and threats made on his life.
Keith Douglas told the court that Smith allegedly threatened to kill him. As a result, Smith is order to stay away from him.
The problem is, Smith is not ordered to stay very far away from her husband at all.
The estranged couple still live together. Thus, according to TMZ, Smith has been ordered to stay only two yards away while they’re in the house together.
When the couple are not at home, Smith was given the mandate to stay 100 yards away.
Now, how much sense does this restraining order make?!?
Douglas reportedly accused of Smith not only trying to hurt him, but he said she promised to get people to cause bodily injury and told him “not fall asleep or something will happen.”
Moreover, Douglass says Smith also threatened him in front of his kids and that he’s had to flee from his own house to escape her uncontrollable rages.
The judge has given Smith a brief reprieve. Smith is allowed to stay at the house until a full hearing can be undertaken.
Sources close to Smith shoot down Douglas’ claims and says she does not have a Chris Rock “Pooky”-type addiction to liquor.
Stay tuned.

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