After trap game Steelers must beat Titans

ANTONIO BROWN leads the NFL in receptions, 79, and receiving yards, 1070. (Courier file photo)

A trap game it was as the Steelers were sitting on top of the AFC North ready to take sole possession of first place against one of the worst teams in football and roll into the playoffs but they played the game.
The New York Jets, 1-8, and losers of eight in a row, beat the high-flying Steelers 20-13 for their second win in one of the worst games of the season. The offense did absolutely nothing but turn the ball over forcing the defense into very poor field position all game. Considering the poor field position the offense and Special teams gave them all game the defense played an outstanding game holding the Jets offense led by Michael Vick to mostly field goals after being given excellent field position after the turnovers. The turnovers yielded 17 points in the first quarter. In all fairness the Jets should have scored a lot more points but the defense held them to just 3 points for the rest of the game.
Vick had a so-so game passing for just 132 yards on 10 of 18 passing for 2 touchdowns. And even though the Jets is noted to have a solid ground game, Chris Ivory was held to 54 yards on 14 carries and Chris Johnson 23 yards on 7 carries. Percy Harvin had an OK game with 33 yards rushing and 23 through the air.


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