Lifestyles Report…Facebook lessons and Kim Kardashian


You can learn a lot from Facebook. A lot of people my age don’t have any time for it, but I have found it to be fun and educational. I can see how friends are doing as far away as Paris and as close as Penn Hills. I can find out about events and see that Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, has the same exact dress as my boss’ daughter—that means that Jay Z and Beyoncé shop off the rack just like regular people.
Social media sites like Facebook make the world very small. You can see your friends having fun on vacation, witness a destination wedding that you could not attend and so much more. I also learn a lot from the posts of my many Facebook friends.
By now you have seen or heard about the pictures of Kim Kardashian—the rear end and front end photos. It seems like Kim and the photographer of these flicks are copying a picture of a Black woman from years ago.
The original shot is of a Black woman standing in front of a blue wall while she pops champagne into a glass placed on her rear end. And it’s from a book entitled, “Jungle Fever.” The says first off, those of you declaring that these pictures are “history-making” need to chill out. There is nothing new or even original about this spread. Renowned French photographer Jean-Paul Goude just dug into his archives, pulled out some of his old favorites and recreated them with reality TV’s reigning It Girl.


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