The Opinionated Spectator…Celebrating each Lakers victory

Kobe Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives to the basket during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Detroit Pistons in Auburn Hills, Mich., Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

The Los Angeles Lakers won Tuesday night 106-96 against the Detroit Pistons. The wins have been scarce this season so I celebrate each victory. Granted, the Lakers were playing the Detroit Pistons and Detroit is 3-15 and terrible. Normally, the Lakers beating them would not be newsworthy. However, that is not the purple and gold tinted world that I live in.
Currently, the Lakers are 5-13 and they are last in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. I will not discuss the Lakers overall inability this season to play defense, score points or even look like an energized professional team at times. Instead, I will bask in the bright sunshine of this singular win.
Alexis Cobb medium shot
Alexis Sara Cobb

In a game like last night’s, there were not many highlights. In fact Kobe was held scoreless in the first half and the entire fourth quarter. But for two minutes in the third quarter, he was brilliant. Bryant scored 12 straight points on an array of jump shots, free throws, tantalizing fadeaway jumpers, and a three pointer. It was one hundred and twenty seconds of breathtaking basketball.
Sometimes when Bryant is playing, I get sad because I know he is going to retire soon and I won’t have the luxury of watching him pour his heart and soul, for better or worse, onto the court. So, even though it was a brief flash of astounding greatness against a severely limited team, I savored every second of it. Don’t take these moments for granted Lakers fans, he is not going to be here forever.
The Los Angeles Lakers play the Washington Wizards Wednesday and frankly with the Wizards record of 11-5, I’m not holding my breath for another Lakers win. I will simply, sit back, relax and relish the fact that we won against the Detroit Pistons. That’s right folks. That creaky sound you hear is me lowering the bar for the Lakers success even lower.
Editor’s note: The Wizards won 111-95.
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