Metro Beat…Teen resentenced to 45 to life in triple killing

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A western Pennsylvania man has been resentenced to 45 years to life in prison for the fatal shootings of three people at a birthday party when the gunman was only 17.
Isaiah Hereford, who is now 21, was given a mandatory life sentence when he was sentenced by an Allegheny County judge three years ago. Since then, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that mandatory life sentences for juvenile perpetrators are unconstitutional.
As a result, Hereford, formerly of McKeesport, had to be resentenced Monday.
He was convicted of three counts of first-degree, or premeditated, murder in the June 2010 robbery at the Crawford Village housing complex in McKeesport. Hereford and 23-year-old DeAnthony Kirk pretended they wanted to buy cigarettes before robbing an 18-year-old friend’s birthday party, killing three in the process.
Pittsburgh testing gunshot locating system soon
PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pittsburgh police plan to test an electronic gunshot-detection system later this month in the city’s East End neighborhoods.
Police don’t want to say exactly when they’ll test the system with live gunfire, however, because they don’t want to discourage residents from reporting the shots. Those 911 reports will be compared with the results obtained by “ShotSpotter,” a system of sensors installed by SST Inc.
The city last year approved spending more than $1 million to install the sensors, which police hope to integrate with video surveillance cameras, which would be activated by the gunfire and, hopefully, help police solve street shooting cases more efficiently.
The gunfire sensors are supposed to pinpoint the location of the gunfire and alert police.
Dozens of cameras and sound detectors will eventually be installed in a three-mile square area.


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