Inside Conditions—Smoke signals


It is Saturday morning Dec. 20, 10:30 a.m.; approximately 26 hours and some change before the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to bring their “war party” into the Heinz Field “foundry” to battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. Something keeps tugging away at my psyche.
I am wondering about the mental state of the Steelers. I keep asking myself this question. Are the Steelers ready for battle or battle weary? However my appetite has not been affected because I have eaten a hearty breakfast and to be quite honest, I am becoming slightly lethargic at this point. The tryptophan from the turkey sausage, along with the after effects of a bit too much Grand Marnier from the evening before along with the eggs, pancakes and believe it or not, the semi-strong cup of “Maxwell House” is tugging on my consciousness as I swiftly and unwillingly head toward “la-la land.” I make my way to the sofa and hypnotically gaze at former NFL players turned talking heads,
Levar Arrington and Terrell Davis seem to be talking but I don’t hear any audio, audio, audio, audio…I have been transported to a desert canyon. The air is dry and hot. I am part of a battalion of soldiers preparing for battle. With his blond locks flying in the desert breeze, “General Benton Rocklessforya” assures us that the right battle plan is in place.

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