Just Sayin’…Merry Christmas


Christmas is many things to many people but to me it’s still all about the birth of Jesus Christ and what he has meant to mankind.
There are two schools around Christmas, the Santa Claus and the Jesus Christ people. Even many people who call themselves Christians are Santa Claus people.
And there are the givers and the takers around Christmas.
And there are the people against Christmas because it’s Capitalism to the extreme with all the spending. Then there are the people who say that without Christmas many people wouldn’t have jobs and the economy would really go down the tubes.
I say they are all right.
There are people who go overboard in just about everything they do. Gambling, eating, drinking, you name it. These are the people who spend every penny they have as well as money they don’t have to buy people gifts they really don’t want or need, and kids have so much that they never have enough time in the year to play with all their toys. But do we condemn Christmas because of these people, even though they just may be in the majority?
Most retail stores get their employment force around Christmas season.  Many part time people start around Christmas and do such a good job that when the season is over, many times the manager chooses to keep them ahead of some of the people who had been there.

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