:10—I know. By now you’ve heard about the tremendous success of the first ever Pittsburgh City League All-Sports Hall of Fame inductions. Over 300 people jam packed into the Blue Line Grill. Standing room only. Sell-out crowd and the greatest collection of Pittsburgh athletes gathered in one place at one time. Bar none. But, if you weren’t there, here’s what you missed. No. 1 Orin Richburg All-City and Hubie Bryant All WPIAL, the two most dominant high school athletes of their time reunited. Np. 2 Morrie Cox reminding people that he was not concerned about how high he jumped when he dunked…“My thing was dunking on people!” No.3 Yea, Cindy Dallas is “fine” but Jennifer Bruce, Robin Smith and Brandi Hogan are fine too! You shoulda been there. No. 4 The great Coach George Webb who played for the legendary Pete DiImperio Sr. brought the staff and set the City League on point with the importance of this night and that the time was right and long overdue. No. 5 Ron Carter, the VMI All-American and Hall of Famer…former L.A. Laker…and member of the Clinton Administration who was a triple double on the night as keynote speaker, City League Hall of Fame inductee and Connie Hawkins League Hall     of Fame inductee reminding the excited room that, “We are the village that continues to raise the child!” City League…you showed up again! (Big up’s to GWM Productions for all you did to help make this a success!)


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