Program helps minority biz owners get credit

Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson, co-founder of Corporate Credit Info

— Many African Americans still face discrimination from bankers, and can not get business credit due to their personal credit problems —
Nationwide ( – Corporate Credit Info is a program that is reaching out to business owners to help them, not only to get their businesses incorporated, but also to build company credit and raise strong business credit lines without using their personal credit – or even their Social Security number.
The 38-year old program is especially reaching out to minority business owners, who are often victims of discrimination and predatory lending at banks. The program also aims to help people who have poor or bad credit.
Nicole Wilson, a financial strategist and co-founder of the program, says, “This is the best program available for minorities that don’t want to depend on their personal credit scores. In just 30 to 45 days, we can help them establish credit and we even offer 1-on-1 consulting.”
She continues, “We offer all the needed tools for getting your business started, and raising the needed funding to start and run your new business.”
“Running a business, no matter how small, can be quite a challenge. A lot of people have tried to start their own businesses, but the vast majority collapse before they can even fully mature. It can be frustrating to invest all your money in a business, only to have it fail and ruin your personal credit at the same time,” she adds.
Corporate Credit Info, based in St. Clair, Michigan and produced by Psalmody Int’l Publishing Group, has helped thousands of aspiring and existing business owners since the year 1977.
For more details, visit or (810) 308-8823.


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