An international war of words


(NNPA)—With the recent terrorists attacks in Paris over a largely unknown satirical newspaper that poked fun at Islam and Mohammed, there has been a global debate over whether the world is at war with “radical” Islam. The debate has centered on whether one actually uses the word “act of terror” when describing what happened in Paris.
I find the very notion of this being debated too ridiculous to dignify. So let’s move on to the real issue of what happened in Paris.
Liberals, whether in Europe or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, have a worldview on immigration that makes absolutely no sense. And that was before today’s terrorism. These liberals believe that the world has a “constitutional right” to be in their countries, whether they came legally or not. Remember, in liberalism, “intent” always supersedes action.
The thinking goes like this: “They only came to our country to make a better life for themselves and their children. Therefore, their being in violation of the immigration laws of a given country should not apply because their intent was pure.”
This media obsession over who uses what words to describe what happened in Paris misses the point. A sovereign country has the sole discretion and the right to determine who enters and stays in their country. Countries need not apologize for the criteria they use to determine their immigration policies. If you don’t like their rules, then stay out of their country. It’s that simple.


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