Overtime 2/4…Patriots had a lot to prove and a lot of people to shut up


:10—By the time you read this, I will have landed after my return from the Super Bowl.  Yep, that Super Bowl.  By now you will also finally realize that I am smarter than all the so-called experts you listen to every day.  And to show you the kind of man I am, I’ll give you the winner right now and I won’t change after the fact.  New England has a lot to prove and a lot of people to shut up. TAKE – IT – TO – THE – BANK!
:09—I know some of you…or maybe most of you, think it’s cute or makes some kind of social statement, but I don’t.  I think Marshawn Lynch, the beast of a running back for the Seahawks, is dead wrong for not talking to the media. No. 1—You dance with the one that brung ya.  No. 2— He wouldn’t like it if all the media, and I mean all the media, stopped covering and showcasing him.  No. 3—It sets a real bad example for young Black men that may follow in his footsteps.  No. 4—All the money you’ve made from the NFL…man please!  N0. 5—It’s ignorant and looks ignorant.
:08—Much to my displeasure, LeBron and the Cavs have turned things around. That, combined with Indiana being crippled, Miami being old, the Bulls suffering from a ball of confusion and the Knicks just being pitiful, I can’t see how they can’t win the East. It’s being handed to them on a silver platter. SHUT UP ZIK!


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