Just Sayin’…Kennedy is absolutely right about the Pittsburgh Promise


Why does everything have to be a contest? Why can’t we just do the right thing?
I’m talking about the Pittsburgh Promise. Joseph Kennedy is absolutely right in his challenge to the Promise. There should be no grade point requirement, nor attendance requirements. The original program, the Kalamazoo Promise, didn’t have either and it’s working great.
I know all you scholars are asking why not have requirements. Because if a poor or low income student has been accepted by a college, university, community college, or trade school he has to have done something right to make that institution accept him or her in the first place.
First of all we need to get one thing straight. The Pittsburgh Promise is not a scholarship. It’s a grant for students living in the city attending public schools. And its purpose like the Kalamazoo Promise and others around the country is to get more middle and upper income parents to send their children to public schools to boost the tax base in urban cities.

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