Bobbi Kristina’s vital organs shutting down

Police: Whitney Houston's daughter was in traffic wreck
Police: Whitney Houston’s daughter was in traffic wreck

Bobbi Kristina Brown is steadily dying at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, despite the fact that she is being kept on life support, the media has reported
Bobby Kristina’s family sources told TMZ it may not matter if her father, R&B singer Bobby Brown keeps her on life support because she withering away regardless.
Bobbi Kristina was rushed to a Roswell, Ga., hospital two weeks ago after being submerged in her home bathtub for at least several minutes. Despite being revived by her boyfriend Nick Gordon, she demonstrated little brain activity and has not awakened from her medically-induced coma.
Event though in the early stages the Brown family announced a slight improvement in her condition, Bobbi Kristina has since taken a few steps back.
The news is that several organs are already shutting down and reality is starting to settle in more vividly for the Brown and Houston families.
Bobby Brown wants to keep his lone daughter with Whitney Houston on life support, even if medical practitioners reportedly said she has no chance for recovery.
Members of Bobby Brown’s inner circle do not hold the same sentiments as he does, but they will not intervene or try to change his mind.

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