Reparations for Roots

J. Pharoah Doss
J. Pharoah Doss

I never supported reparations for slavery. I thought it was just an academic argument. Plus, actual supporters in the Black community don’t seek payment.
They sought and found a permanent reason to denounce America. But I would sign a petition for reparations for all the time I was forced to watch Roots in high school.
I’m joking, right? No! From 9th to 12th grade during Black history month the TV miniseries Roots was shown. My instructors mimicked a movie trailer when they introduced the miniseries: Adapted from Alex Haley’s literary masterpiece! Roots is the saga of one family from Africa, through American slavery, to freedom. Haley successfully traced his family back to Africa, returned to the continent, and reunited with descendants of the same ancestry. Roots the book, and now the series, is the triumphant true story that changed America! (White America)
What changed?
The historical treatment of Black Americans, its ramifications, and remedies were no longer a discussion held by the architects of LBJ’s great society programs.

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