Sheryl Lee Ralph to Mo’Nique: ‘Shut up’ about being blackballed and lose weight

In terms of movie roles, Academy Award winner Mo’Nique has barely gotten table scraps since she took home the Oscar for her role of the demented, diabolical mother in Lee Daniels’ Precious in 2010.
Mo’Nique, 47, says she was told by Daniels that her refusal to “play the game” was her demise.
Fellow actress Sheryl Lee Ralph has a different opinion. In fact, she recently offered her theory during an appearance on “Access Hollywood Live.”
“What’s interesting about that is, she didn’t campaign. I wonder, do you think that they would blackball Tom Hanks for not campaigning for a movie? The game is different for women.
“A whole lot of actors are difficult. And there’s a whole lot of actors who are mean and terrible, but they work all the time. It goes back to who likes you, who wants to be in your kind of crazy company. Who wants to give you money in hopes they’ll get something back on the return on your madness. And sometimes you just need to shut up, sit there and look pretty … But I think this is a setup for a comeback.”
Ralph doesn’t believe Mo’Nique’s career is done, but she says Mo’Nique needs to work on herself and shed some of the baggage — and weight.
“Now, when she comes back she better be as tiny as you,” Ralph said, gesturing at slender co-host Kit Hoover. “She don’t need to be Mo’Nique anymore, because obviously what she was did not work. So she better come back brand new. That’s what they’re waiting for.”
Take a look at the video interview in full:
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