‘RHOA’ fans start petition to fire Claudia Jordan for hating on dark-skinned blacks

Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan have battled on this season's "RHOA."
Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan have battled on this season’s “RHOA.”

A petition has been filed to have “Real Housewives of Atlanta” rookie cast member Claudia Jordan fired for being a “colorist” and for her “racist antics” that have been disseminated over the airwaves since 2009./
Jordan, who famously called Nene Leakes “Gorilla in the Mist” and made disparaging color remarks about dark-skinned blacks during a party she attended, is having her tenure threatened by protesters who have filed the following complaint on Change.org.
BRAVO Television’s Real Housewives of Atlanta (aka RHOA) cast member, Claudia Jordan’s offensive remarks about African Americans, in particular, dark skinned African Americans, has been documented online since 2009.
Claudia Jordan is a half-caste; her mother– who raised her, is caucasian. Her father is African American.
Her COLORIST and RACIST antics have been long known in the radio and comedy circuits within the African American community. She is particularly known for making horribly colorist and racist remarks against darker skin African Americans, calling them ‘orangutans’, ‘monkeys’, and ‘beasts’. Additionally, she has had a well known feud with Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle-Harris – wife of the well known, multi-platinum Hip-Hop Artist/Producer T.I.’s; she also happens to be half caucasian and half African American. Claudia Jordan on a notorious radio show segment made a 10+ minute monologue of her appearance, most notably calling her a ‘Waste of Light Skin’.
She has most recently been known to attack cast member Nene Leakes, attacking her hair texture, the spelling of her name (insinuating that it is of a low-class) and referring to her as a ‘Beast’ and other simian animals.
In light of Claudia Jordan’s recklessly politically incorrect remarks with regard to race and colorism, we demand that she be removed as a cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. If this request is not met, we commit to cease watching the program, as well as spreading the word online to do so.
Well, okay. So what do you think about this petition? Do you believe Jordan views darker-hued blacks as lower forms of beings? And if so, do you believe that warrants her dismissal from RHOA?

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