Bobbi Kristina’s family filming reality show while she remains in coma

bobbi kristina family
As Bobbi Kristina Brown clings tenuously to life via life support in an Atlanta hospital, the media has learned that members of her family are filming a reality show that partially centers around their experiences during her time in the hospital.
The reality show willl not feature her father Bobby Brown nor will it be shot at the hospital, but reports it will highlight Bobby’s two sisters, brothers and their kids.
Keep in mind that these are the same individuals who were part of that infamous brawl at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, just blocks down the street from Emory University Hospital where Bobbi Kristina is at.
Sources connected with the production said part of it will chronicle Bobbi Kristina fighting for her life.
Bobby Brown’s sisters have made noise in the media before. If you recall, it was sister Leolah who placed much of the blame behind Whitney Houston’s death at the the feet of Ray J, saying that he fueled the destructive cocaine habit that led to her demise in Beverly Hills on the eve of the Grammy Awards three years ago.
Another sister, Tina, who admitted on television that she used to do crack with Bobbi Kristina’s mother Whitney Houston. Tina and Shayne were also involved in the fight at a hotel near the hospital.
She hit her son Shayne in the head with a bottle that led to the all-out fracas. Police were called but no charges were filed.
And while they don’t film at the hospital, they do speak about their hospital visits and discuss the Bobbi Kristina tragedy on camera.

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