Policing Black communities…Petition Ferguson Chief Jackson for reform NOW!

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks
NAACP President Cornell William Brooks

Last week, it was all over the news: The Department of Justice (DOJ) will not file civil rights charges against Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.
At the same time, the DOJ released a report detailing a pattern of discriminatory and racist practices within the Ferguson Police Department, and offered a series of recommendations for breaking down the department’s systematic discrimination.
Now, the Ferguson Police Department has a choice: take the DOJ’s recommendations, or ignore them and carry on with business as usual—including relying on extraneous arrests to generate revenue at the expense of the black community. We can’t let them carry on this way.
We have Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson’s email address. Let’s show him that we are united in our demand for serious reform to the disturbing practices of the Ferguson Police Department. Send him a message today.
The DOJ’s decision may represent the end of our legal struggle for Michael Brown, but it is by no means the end of our fight for justice. Not for Michael, not for Eric, not for any of our brothers and sisters who fear for, or lose, their lives at the hands of law enforcement.
We must continue our fight against racial profiling and police brutality year round, not just in times of tragedy.
Reforms in Ferguson can stand as an example for sweeping changes to the way police across the nation serve our communities.
Send Police Chief Jackson a message urging him to accept and enact the Department of Justice’s recommendations:
Thank you for making your voice heard,
Cornell William Brooks
President and CEO

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