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• Hey Robin Thicke, I guess the “Lines Aren’t as Blurred” as you thought.  First Paula Patton leaves your cheatin behind and now Marvin Gaye’s ghost jumps on your cheatin be-hind!  Hummm . . . cheatin’, is there a theme here?
• I don’t talk about him much, but his skill set and talent level was worthy of a full page story in the Post Gazette, but Lamar “Black Mar” Castille might just be one of the best all around athletes Pittsburgh has ever seen.  You know all those lists I do?  The best dunkers, best guards, best running backs, etc. . . . he would probably be top five in all of them.  If you’ve seen him play, then you know.  Trust me, you know!
• Well I told ya Pitt was close . . . but apparently not close enough.  What’s done is done.  Let’s go send a message for next year.  Let’s win the NIT!
• It now bears repeating.  Pound for pound . . . or better put – inch for inch, the best team in town is Robert Morris College, who is headed to the Big Dance.  But hold on there Suzie, the Duquesne Dukes are came close (Given the slappin they took from Davidson to the tone of 23-3’s they should be in the hunt for some man-to-man defense.) and for the record, Penn State is still dancin!
• If you think for one minute that “Money Mayweather” is going to let “Pac-Man” get either glove on that title then you need to get with me.  I’ve got a sale on bridges.  You can get two for the price of one this week.  $100 for both!
• I don’t want anybody to get shot.  No-Body!  Let’s be very clear about that.  But this police misconduct by a few, not all, just can’t go on.  I am afraid if a change doesn’t come soon, it’s going to get worse before it gets better!!!  Dr. King, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers all acted in defense, not aggression.  These are not my words, but I quote, “By any means necessary!”  PEACE AND GOOD WILL TO ALL!
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