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Katt Williams
Katt Williams

Katt Williams has had his equal share of trouble and success as one of the leading comedians of the 21st Century.  With his funny pimping rhetoric, Williams returned to Pittsburgh, for the first time in 8 years, last Thursday for his Born Again…Again Tour at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.
This sold out event was professionally executed and happened without incident, but the 45-minute late start and the inconsistent lineup left some of the crowd antsy.  By the time we got to the headliner, most were tapped out from the four comedians that hit the stage before Katt Williams.
I don’t blame the promoters, I blame the set up.  Solider and Sailors Memorial Hall is a horrible venue for concerts and comedy shows.  The acoustics are bad, the stage is barely visible from some seats and the restrooms are outdated and inaccessible.
Overall, I truly appreciated Katt Williams’ standup.  The 50-minute bit included jabs at recent news makers Bill Cosby, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice.  Williams also kidded about his own religious battles, claiming all broke people know Jesus.  “I talk to Him everyday,” shouted Williams, 43.
One of the opening acts, Richie Redding- a White comedian- was the best part of the show.  His jokes were original, clean, and relateable.  The University of Pennsylvania graduate has opened up for other comedians such as Kevin Hart and D.L Hughley.  But, after his small performance in Pittsburgh, it’s clear that he’s ready for more.  I would pay to see him at our local Improv comedy club.
Merecedes J. Howze, Movie Scene Queen (Brian Cook/Golden Sky Media)
Merecedes J. Howze, Movie Scene Queen (Brian Cook/Golden Sky Media)

In a March 7th article, I outlined everything you should expect from the First Sunday star.  Here’s the post-show breakdown:
*A Sense of Redemption- The 43-year-old comedian despite his legal woes has consistently produced cable comedy specials and televised stands ups. So, working is not the problem.  Rather, Williams needs to regain the public’s attention and affection. I’m not quite sure if he nailed it on Thursday, but it’s obvious that Pittsburgh has a distinct love for his work.  The show was pretty much aligned with all of his other works, nothing spectacular.
*No Tolerance- Other than yelling out the occasional “I love yous”, the Pittsburgh crowd was calm and candid.  There were no hecklers. While some attendees were relaxed with the overpriced drinks from the foyer, others were simply enjoying Mr. Williams rare appearance.
*A Permed Pimp- Katt Williams steered clear of the pimp jokes, but that hair was on point.  It was as if Bobby J wrapped it personally.
Pittsburgh might not be the leading comedy capital of the world, but lately the Steel City has had its own share of celebrity visits.  This weekend, big man Bruce Bruce (ComicView), will be at the Improv in the Waterfront.

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