Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family gathers to make final decision

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s closest relatives are assembling this week in Atlanta, ostensibly to make a final decision regarding medical treatment for Whitney Houston’s presumably brain-dead daughter, a source close to the family exclusively tells
Father Bobby Brown is the one to make the final decision, but his mother-in law Cissy Houston is traveling to Atlanta from her New Jersey home for the meeting
Brown, 22, nearly drowned in her suburban Atlanta townhouse on Jan. 31 and was rushed to a Roswell, Ga. hospital before being moved to an intensive care unit at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, where she has remained for more than six weeks.
Brown’s condition has not changed since.
Little information about Brown’s condition or treatment has been made public in recent weeks, although sources did reveal her doctors lifted the sedation after three weeks to assess her brain function.
Doctors need to watch a patient for about two weeks out of a coma in order to make a long-term call, Dr. DeGeorgia explains. “If you think they’re going to do well, you push forward. You take steps to get them to the nursing home or rehab,” he says. “If you think they’re not going to get any better and that their quality of life is so bad that they would never want that, then you have a discussion with the family.”
The Houston and Brown families have been divided about what course to follow, according to the family source.

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