At The Finish Line…Top ten forwards of all time definitive list

Phila. 76ers Julius Erving in action against the LA Lakers. (AP Photo/File)
Phila. 76ers Julius Erving in action against the LA Lakers. (AP Photo/File)

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•    And the truth about “Dunkers” is this, Dunkers – Know – Dunkers!  Sure there’s pretenders and wanna bees, but the real ballers know and anybody that saw John “J.B.” Blanton throw it down, knows he was the truth.  An  outstanding player at Pitt and a standout in the Connie Hawkins League in East Hills.  “J.B.” welcome to the Top 10
•    Pitt basketball . . . . . . . I got nothin!!!
Bill Neal

•    I don’t know much about hockey . . . well, let’s face it, I don’t know anything about hockey, but I know this, the Pens are in trouble and looking like a fizzled out team again.
•    Every now and then you need me to help you flash back because you apparently have a hard time doing it yourself.  Please don’t let the gray hair Julius Erving is sporting in the NCAA commercials fool ya.  There was a moment in time when Julius “Dr. J.” Erving was the baddest man on the planet and the planet came to a standstill to watch him play.  If he’s not in your top five greatest forwards of all time, you need to go pull out the old VCR and be reminded of the greatness of the man who took the mantle from Elgin Baylor and Connie Hawkins and gave it to Michael Jordan.
•    While we’re at it, here’s the top ten forwards of all time definitive  list.  “City Slicker” pay attention here.
1.    Elgin Baylor
2.    Julius “Dr. J.” Erving
3.    Karl Malone
4.    Charles Barkley
5.    Connie Hawkins
6.   Tim Duncan
7.    Scottie Pippin
8.    Larry Bird
9.    Dominique Wilkins
10.   Kevin McHale
(Oh shut up please . . . Michael Jordan was a two guard by nature!)
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