Funniest memes about Steph Curry crossing over Chris Paul (video)


LOS ANGELES — Because of NBA superstar Steph Curry, we have now entered a new era of “posterizing” players.

Yesteryear, the idea of “posterizing” players was conceptualized when Michael Jordan and other super-leapers would “clown” players by administering monster dunks on helpless victims that were so gangster that it would be played over and over on “Sportscenter.” That form of posterizing, however, has been played out.

Today, “posterizing” players happens when a player with an awe-inspiring mastery of dribbling in and through traffic as to tie the defender into knots — or break ankles, as it is known in the sport world.


The latest poster child of being “posterized” is Los Angeles Clippers’ star point guard Chris Paul. While Curry dribbled along the baseline during his Golden State Warriors’ come-from-behind victory Tuesday night, Curry faked like he was cutting towards the basket then darted backward, causing CP3 to stumble. Curry completed the humiliation of CP3 by sinking an-all net jumpshot that sent the bench into a frenzy and causing a spellbound social media to erupt.

Paul has now been ensconced into dribbling folkore. Take a look at video of the spectacular, knee-buckling move Curry whipped on CP3, followed by the funniest memes of Chris Paul getting juked off balance.

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