Soul Readers 4-1-15

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40 Years Devoted To Spiritual Works
Doc Raymond
PO Box 55568
Atlanta, GA 30308
404-917-4197 (24/7)
Just pleading in the Blood of Jesus
I help in all affairs in your life.
Need a guaranteed number
donations required.
One call to Georgia will change
your entire life!


Solve all problems. Gives advise on all matters of life, love, marriage, lost nature, health, bad luck. Reunites loved ones. If you need help call. She can tell your past, present and future. Can help you with financial success. Guaranteed to help you where other have failed. Call for your free sample reading. Available 24 hours.


If you have problems in: LOVE, MONEY, MARRIAGE, SEX, DIVORCE, CROSS CONDITIONS or anything else, the man to call is “John”. He can and will help you at once. The man that has never failed to help in all problems in life.
(330) 630-0780 John


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