Isaiah Washington clarifies comments about Chris Rock being harassed by police

Chris Rock in two of the three instances of being pulled over by the police with in the last two months.
Chris Rock posting on Instagram two of the three instances of being pulled over by the police with in the last two months.

Pseudo-conscious actor and faux activist Isaiah Washington made the ludicrous statement that Chris Rock ought to adopt a much lower profile in his wealthy neighborhood as a way to reduce or prevent police harassment.

Translation? Washington suggests Rock turn in his well-earned luxury vehicle in order to seem less threatening to law enforcement and make them more comfortable.

Rock, as has been reported by the Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media, has been stopped three times in proximity to his upscale neighborhood within the last two months. Each time, Rock has posted the police stop on his Instagram page.

The postings went viral and reignited the hot debate about police exhibiting flagrant racism as the main culprit behind these unnecessary stops and blatant abuse of power.

Washington, who said he has an officer once draw his weapon on him while his kids were in the car, initially suggested Rock sell his luxury car or trade it in exchange for lower-profile vehicles such as a Prius, as Washington has done.

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star quickly back-pedaled from that preposterous admonishment once he was trampled upon by an angry herd of social media users for daring to let such words fall from his lips.

On the second go-around, Washington tried to take another crack at explaining what to do about a most obvious case of racial profiling.

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