At The Finish Line…Where Only the Truth Matters


•    Truth be told, there should be little or no conversation regarding Aaron Hernandez’s cold blooded murder.  Let us know when the trial starts, when it ends and then lock his schizophrenic dumb ass up.  Too much attention given to these heartless stupid criminals.

•    I told you this last year and I’ll tell you again, the Pirates will be okay . . . don’t worry . . . don’t sweat it.  They have the bats and they have the gloves.  Now rumor has it and the so-called experts say, they have the pitching.  We’ll see.

•    One week before the Post-Gazette did a feature story with a head shot on my cousin Dennis Briggs, I told you he was no longer up and coming, but he had arrived.  Coming into Pitt as a running back, Briggs has now become one of the main men in the defensive backfield.  Get ready Pittsburgh.  Here he comes.

•    The Penguins, the Pittsburgh hockey team, made the playoffs by the skin of their hockey sticks.  That doesn’t give us much hope for the Stanley Cup, but hey, stranger things have happened.  (I don’t know what . . . I just know stranger things have happened!)

•    By the way, if you’re a Black man in America, don’t walk towards certain police officers with your hands in the air.  Don’t hold a toy gun.  Don’t run away from your parked car . . . with all your information inside, and Lord knows, if you see a 73 year old man reach for his taser – – – hit the floor!!!

•    Next to the last shout-out for ya.  The greatest corner back in NFL history, Mel Blount, “The Rule Changer” and other members of the greatest team in NFL history will settle in at the fabulous Blue Line Grille for Pittsburgh Steeler Legends Reunion II, Saturday, April 18th, 5:00-6:00 p.m. VIP Reception $50 – 6:00-9:00 p.m. General Admission $25, 9:00-12:00 midnight Sly Jock After Party $15 at the door.  Starring Robin Cole, Louis Lipps, Randy Grossman, Craig Bingham, Andy Russell, J.T. Thomas and Dwayne Woodruff, with special guest B.B. Flenory, Myron Brown, Vaughn Rivers, Brice Flenory and Master Jacquet Bazemore, karate champion.  Cash bar, cash kitchen, live auction, autographs and photographs.  For information call (412) 628-4856.

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