Just Sayin’…Mothers continue to stand against violence


More and more mothers are stepping up in the Black on Black violence war saying enough is enough.

The past two weeks we’ve had mothers step out in prayer, marches, rallies and community meetings. One member from Mothers With a Voice challenged the mothers throughout Pittsburgh and the country to stop defending and making excuses for their kids. “If your kid has killed someone, turn them in. If your kid is bringing drugs into your house, turn them in.” she shouted out to the approval of the other people who were at the march.

Then the following week the police and community people marched together, which had to be a first, in yet another effort to stop the violence.

The violence in the streets and in the homes is killing not just our young men, but our communities as well, and I’m really glad to hear mothers stop making excuses for their kids. I’m glad that some out there aren’t saying, “Not my child, he would never do that,” when that child is the biggest thug in the streets, raining terror in the streets and in his home.

There are some mothers’ kids, who have their parents afraid of them, and others are not just violent in the streets, they bring it home to their girlfriends and wives, and children.

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