Teen slapped by mom during Baltimore riots speaks out (video)

baltimore teen2It was the slap heard and seen around the world. A Baltimore mother recognized her son on television, who was about to become a part of the riots that consumed the beleaguered city, immediately torpedoed down to where he was and smacked him several times while she dragged him away from the scene. 

baltimore teen3

Someone videotaped the fracas which soon went viral nationwide and subjected the 16-year-old to abject humiliation.

It looks like the teen has gotten over it. Michael Singleton, who was ready to throw a brick at police, said he loves his mom and told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he understands why his mom did what she did.

“She didn’t want me to get in trouble (with the) law. She didn’t want me to be like another Freddie Gray,” he told Cooper.

Toya Graham said she was acting on instinct when she recognized her son and immediately went into motherly protective mode.

Graham has five other children — all of them girls — and has become known as #MotherofTheYear  since the video of her pulling her son out of trouble went viral. She is currently out of work and looking for a job.

Ironically, Anderson Cooper reported that one of Graham’s daughters wants to be a police officer.

Click here to see the video in its entirety.


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