Ja Rule roasted for appearing on ‘Fox Business’ show

ja rule 2
Whatever vestige of street credibility that former star rapper Ja Rule had was destroyed when he appeared as a dapper businessman on the hated Fox News network recently.
It has been at least a decade-and-a-half since the former franchise player for Murder Inc. music label has had a hit record — and at least five years since he’s been let out of the big house for tax evasion — so his appearance on “Fox Business” show dispensing financial advise and commenting on the Baltimore riots took pop culture fans by surprise.
They were not kind in their appraisal of his on-camera performance — or his appearance at all, for that matter. The episode was ripe for fodder and social media wasted no time ripping into Ja Rule’s carcass. Even an ESPN reporter took shots at him. That’s when you know that your career has decomposed to nothing more than skeletal remains.
Take a look:
[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/H0eDXcXP1AU service=youtube width=560 height=315 type=iframe]

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